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Symptomatic therapy is based on the selection of contact lenses. In childhood, they are used only if there are contraindications to surgical treatment and spectacle correction. Surgical correction. In the absence of Valtrex lesions, excimer laser intrastromal keratomileusis is effective. An alternative option is keratorefractiveThe second surgical correction is the implantation of an additional IOL.

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In this case, the density of endothelial cells should not be lower than the minimum limits corresponding to age norms. In patients with high myopia, a month before surgery, laser coagulation of the retina is performed.

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The prognosis for life and working capacity is favorable. Specific prevention methods have not been developed. Non-specific preventive measures are reduced to the control of visual acuity and clinical refraction. Persons who have undergone eye surgery over the past 2 years are shown an ophthalmologist's consultation once every 6 months with mandatory refractometry and visometry.

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When diagnosing anomalies of clinical refraction in children older than 1 year, it is necessary to carry out timely correction of visual dysfunction in order to prevent the development of strabismus. In patients younger than 12 months, the use of special treatments is not indicated.

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Anisometropia is an ophthalmic pathology in which the eyes have a different refraction. General information Causes Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Prognosis Prevention.

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Refraction is the process of refraction of light rays. The refractive (refractive) apparatus of the human eye consists of the cornea, lens, chamber moisture and the vitreous body. For a clear formation of an image of an object, it is necessary that the parallel rays emanating from it intersect at the focus of the retina. When refraction is impaired, visual acuity decreases.

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Valtrex pills of the axis of the eye - the distance between the cornea and the retina, it should equally be equal to 23.5 mm; refractive power - on average it is 59.92 diopters. Normally, these parameters are the same for both eyes.

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In the case when the refractive power in one eyeball is 2 diopters greater than in the other, refractive anisometropia is diagnosed. In this case, one eye may be characterized by normal refraction, and the other - impaired. In many cases, pathological changes affect both eyes.

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If the refractive power differs by 1-2 diopters, the clarity of binocular vision does not suffer, since a single image of the object is formed on the retina. Anisometropia is often accompanied by astigmatism, a deformation of valacyclovir, eye, or cornea, which exacerbates vision problems. The causes of anisometropia of the eyes can be congenital or acquired. Most often, the pathology is caused by a genetic predisposition and is inherited.

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The main causes of acquired anisometropia: progression of cataracts - clouding of the lens of the eye; development of complications after ophthalmic surgery.

Congenital anisometropia in children under one year does not manifest itself in any way. As the child grows older, vision deteriorates.

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Symptoms depend on the degree of anisometropia, which is determined based on the difference in the refractive power of the left and right eyeballs. There are three degrees: weak (difference up to 3 diopters); medium (3-6 diopters); strong (more than 6 diopters).

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With a weak degree of the disease, a person practically does not feel visual impairment. He gets used to suppressing light scattering and merging images into one. A high degree of anisotropy impairs binocular vision.

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The object is fixed first with one eye, then the other, so the person does not see a clear image: it seems blurry, neighboring things merge. At the same time, he experiences difficulties with orientation in space. Also, many patients note increased eye fatigue during visual stress.

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Anisometropia in children and adults causes the brain to suppress the activity of the other eye. As a rule, the eye with the most impaired refractive power suffers. As a result, it is completely excluded from the visual process, and amblyopia develops - blindness due to inactivity.

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